Short feedback from some of the participants

  972038_637833036228693_39339349_n“It’s very difficult to choose only one of the best moment of the TC because it was a great experience from the beginning to the end. In any case, one of the best moments of the TC, was the day we had to explain our projects: it was a very practical and interesting activity, a great moment of informal learning, a big possibility to receive and give advice, a helpful moment to know other points of view.”

                                                                                                                                                                                  Paola, Italy



“We came as strangers and left as friends. During training course we had possibility to enrich not only our1000735_637832336228763_1462696541_n English, team working but also speaking in public skills. Most memorable moment was the visit to “Garage 48” and not only because Tallinn seems to be a beautiful town. In “Garage 48” we met really motivated, hardworking, innovative and positive people. Seeing such a successful example encouraged our group a lot. We were also introduced to new organizing work, generating ideas and learning methods. One more thing that makes me happy after this TC is that some fellows were inspired enough to create a new project in Malta. This, I believe, is a positive outcome after every project – to create something new. This was not my first “Youth in Action” project but every time I get amazed how many learning opportunities there are for motivated youth, all you need to do is grab your chance, jump into this multi-cultural pot and enjoy.”

Justina, Lithuania


1005992_637833142895349_2130904939_n“First Of all i want to say a big thanks to Pavel, Birgit and Jana for all what that they teach us trough this tc. So… For me was very helpful cause with those tools that i learned and practice i can used them in my career and to develop it easily in the future. The post think that i liked the most was when i done my workshop with Karolina Grityte and she was my boss and we worked in a good teamwork NOT as individuals. We had good time together and how i said for me it not a goodbye but it s a see you……hopefully we will see in you in Malta in 2014!!”

Ryan, Malta



“Of course the whole TC was very useful. It really contained a lot of information and interesting learning 1044449_637832042895459_167268462_nmethods. I don’t know why but in my memory the brightest thing that I’ve learned was the implementing the method of thinking hats and doing cart/datt tools while we were doing our own projects in a group work. In my opinion those methods are highly helpful to get through all parts of your idea and it dramatically increases your analysis skills.”

Artyom, Latvia



993326_637833069562023_1685244361_n“All I can say that this training course was one of a kind. i think it was perfect in all sense. 

1) Trainers know what they were saying & Doing.
2) The chemistry between the countries was amazing
3) Location was beautiful
4) Sessions were perfectly organized with a lot of food for tough
5) The thinking hats were something that i know already, but the way that they were presented makes more sense to me.
6) The session of the 3 circles was priceless, starting from where you are and where I want to be.
7) The session when we had to invent something than we had to sell it was nice. Simple things that not even in a million years they would come up to your mind we had done them and sold them.
8) learning some words in different languages and improving my English”

Julian, Malta


“The project “Young Entrepreneurs in Action…” was yet another opportunity for personal growth, cultural and professional. Not new to this 999349_637833109562019_473243461_ntype of experience, now in its fifth project of the “Youth in Action”, I was able to further enrich the knowledge of the different cultures of European countries and especially interesting to investigate issues such as those of the training course. Learn the fundamentals to develop a business idea, from the description of the same to the evaluation of economic feasibility, is an important background for tomorrow to do with themselves entrepreneurs and build a future work. The subjects were treated in an optimal manner, both in content and teaching method, thanks to the training of trainers. The group was very compact and is well-integrated since the early days. Welcoming the resort, excellent food and service in general. The location of the other has been paid very well to ensure a reserved, quiet but at the same time suitable for moments of leisure and relaxation. An unforgettable week from all points of view, the project was impeccable organized and taking care of the smallest detail, all in the beautiful setting of Valkla Beach. Thanks to all of you!”

Mario, Italy

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13 Circles of Hell by Pavel

As a tool of fostering entrepreneurial attitude Pavel introduced the phases of a student company. A business simulation, that can show young people how it is like to create and run a business. The simulation is a long lasting project, that helps young people to nurture entrepreneurial skills and actually experience the ups and downs of an entrepreneur. 

The so-called 13 circles of hell:

  • Common business idea brainstorming

First circle starts with creating a common business idea for a future student firm. Different brainstorming techniques can be used in order to come up with something that young people can produce as their product/service

  • Market research

Youngsters are asked to go around their neighborhood, school, community and ask people about their business ideas, do some research on substitute products, competition and get to know what are the needs and wants of their potential target audience.

  • Business idea analysis

After they have several ideas, which were also subject to a small research young people are asked to come up with criteria to analyze their ideas. And finally pick the best ideas that are achievable and interesting to proceed with.  

  • Group division

Then the group of young people are asked to form firms according to 3-5 people per business idea that passed the previous circle. It is advisable to mix young people around and make sure the group has different young people, not only leaders, or not only creative thinkers. 

  • Work role division, position division

This circle is one of the most important and hard to implement. Young people need to decide on their roles in the company. Assign a chairman, an accountant, production workers and a marketer. Then it is vital to give out responsibilities and monitor how they are implemented in each student firm. 

  • Plan creation

When the group is set up it is necessary to create a plan, which will show the responsibilities, activities that need to be done, deadlines and everything, that is applicable to work. 

  • Product/service beta version development

It is then time to produce a beta version of the product/service and give it a try. Understand the cost of it, try to make it cost efficient. Create the looks, create the brand elements. 

  • Testing

Beta version need to be tested within the company and also can be tested in focus groups or by other young people involved in the simulation. 

  • Finalizing the product/service

Then after finding some mistakes, faults or after confirming the success of the product/service final touch ups are performed. 

  • Creating corporate style

Name, logo, slogan, corporate colors, social network, website are only a small part that can be created by young people for the student company. 

  • Advertising & marketing campaign

“Selling without advertising is like winking in the dark”. Creating the message and also sending it to the target audience is very important. Young people choose the channels, create messages, send it and receive feedback that is followed by analysis. 

  • Sales

Time to go out there and sell the product/service. It can be anywhere: online, at school, at the community centre, in the NGO office, during local fairs and markets. There is no real limit. It is necessary for the youth leader to consult about the laws and restrictions in the country. 

  • Finalizing work and report

After some time of selling the product and going through accounting and monitoring. It is time for young people to write the report, calculate finance and make analysis of what they have been through during the days/weeks/months of the simulation. 


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Tools for discovering ideas and directions for development by Birgit

The process of discovering ideas can be hard, when it comes to shaping them up and starting actual work. Making this big step into the unknown can be even more frustrating when you have no frameworks and steps to follow. Edward De Bono created some tools to help develop the ideas and find the right directions for it. You can see the frame-work in the slides: CoRT_DATT. Overview of the Cort tools are here: Cort_Tools_Overview_TrainingPack. And of course an exercise that can be used to help young people to direct and develop their ideas and structure their steps: Tools for Discovering Ideas and Directions for Development

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New skills for implementing new ideas by Birgit

It can be a challenge to understand if you are capable of implementing your ideas. What actual skills do young people need to implement their ideas? There was definitely a shift in the business world and also in the way we act as consumers. Birgit introduced this shift and also new skills that should be developed more and more in the modern business world. Here you can access the slides New Skills for Implementing New Ideas. Participants were asked to work and come up with ideas on how to foster all the necessary modern skills in young people New Skills for Implementing New Ideas_TrainingPack.

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6 thinking hats concept by Birgit

During the first day participants were invited to do the expectations, contributions and fears in an interesting new way. Birgit invited participants to try to put 6 different hats on their head and play around with thoughts, emotions, knowledge, assumptions and other. You can see how the session was designed 6 thinking hats as intro and also read a bit more thoroughly about the method Hats_Exercises_Examples_Trainingpack.

6 thinking hats method can be used as a great brainstorming activity for young people, when introducing entrepreneurship and searching for business idea. It is also a tool that can be applied when analyzing different aspects of a business idea, company’s state, social environment of the company and much more.

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Let’s Raise Kids as Entrepreneurs by Jana

Cameron Herold: Lets Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs

Participants also took a look into the characteristics of entrepreneurs. How does entrepreneurial attitude form and maybe it should be taught to us since childhood. Take a look at the video and think what traits can and should be developed by youth leaders and youth workers in young people

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Two Broke Girls

When discussing the entrepreneurial attitudes the participants took a look at a video, that from one point of view can be seen as just an episode of a comedy sitcom, however it shows us how to not let go your idea and be a bit “crazy” and passionate, when it comes to deciding and implementing your business idea.

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Project presentations

A the very end of the project the participants were divided into group with the aim of developing their own project ideas. Those are some ideas they came up with.

xWDOB IMG_3816 7542r

1239541_10151711091683682_407101386_n 1236206_10151711091763682_78780945_n

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NGO Fair

At the end of the 4th day of the project each organisation made a short presentation about them selfs. Here are the flip-charts that they’ve made.htxxJ L7htm IMG_3886 IMG_3885 IMG_3880 IMG_3878 IMG_3877 CfjN8

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Day2: Levels of unemployment in participants countries

In the beginning of day 2 each country made a small presentation about the level of unemployment in their country. Here are some flip-charts that have been made.

uIRzu RU9f7 RP2V8 IMG_3838 IMG_3837 IMG_3836 IMG_3832 IMG_3831


Here is the summary of the reasons of unemployment that are present in the project countries: D2S1 Reasons of Unemployment SUMMARY

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